Mission Statement

The Thomas J. McShane Center for Psychological Services in the on-site clinical training facility for the Masters of Science in Education (MS.Ed.) in School Psychology and Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in School – Clinical Child Psychology programs at Pace University, New York City Campus. Our goal is trifold:

  1. To provide students in the Pace University’s NYC Psychology Department MS.Ed. and Psy.D., programs with superior and diverse training across an expanse of assessment and treatment needs, as well as exposure to a diverse array of clients (e.g., adolescents, adults, children, infants, individuals needing supports during the immigration process, ethnic, cultural, religious diversity, LGB-TGNC, and mother-child dyads). Through the broad range of educational experience provided to the students, the McShane Center aims to prepare students to excel in their internship placements, and continue on with a career in clinical applied empirically-informed, clinical, assessment, and diagnostic training that is consistent with the educational objectives of their respective graduate programs
  2. To provide a variety of affordable, high-quality, comprehensive, and empirically-validated psychological and assessment services for adults, children, couples, and families from within the Pace University community and from the larger community outside of the University.
  3. To offer research opportunities, consistent with Pace University IRB requirements, in areas associated with training and the provision of comprehensive psychological services.

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Values & Guiding Principles

The McShane Center for Psychological Services places a high value on the privacy and confidentiality of clients and their clinical records.  Staff, supervisors, and student therapists are all well trained in ethics and are required to practice according to professional confidentiality guidelines. The McShane center believes that all individuals should have access to affordable, high quality behavioral health services. The staff and faculty are committed to training, therapy, and research activities that are consistent with New York State Education Department (NYSED) Rules and Regulations, current training standards from the American Psychological Association (APA) and National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), as well as the ethical principles associated with APA and NASP. Additionally, though not a governing body of the clinic, the clinic strives to exceed the Office of Mental Health Guidelines with regard to clinic functioning and protocol.


Keys to Success

The McShane Center’s keys to success include the dedication of faculty and staff to student training, research & grant writing, community outreach, growth-potential, achieving efficiency and community support, and implementing an effective monetary plan.



Statement of Inclusion

The Thomas McShane Center holds a strong commitment to respect and work within the diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, and religious framework of the Center’s clients. The McShane center works with individuals of all cultural, ethnic, gender, and religious identities and orientations. The Center is committed to providing culturally appropriate, sensitive, and respectful services and to the maintenance of the dignity and privacy of all clients. In accordance with APA ethical guidelines, all service providers at the McShane center are dedicated to safeguarding the welfare and rights of those whom they serve professionally.

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